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Dark Rose


Introducing "Dark Rose," our captivating nail set that embodies the essence of dark femininity with an enchanting twist. Get ready to be entranced by the allure of black roses, delicate black lines, sparkling silver glitter, and the captivating contrast of black and cream hues.

The "Dark Rose" nails feature striking black roses delicately placed on each nail, symbolizing the beauty that blooms in the darkness. The addition of thin black lines adds a touch of artistry and intrigue, perfectly complementing the mysterious allure of this design. The shimmering silver glitters create an ethereal sparkle, adding a touch of enchantment to the overall look. The black polish as a French tip, paired with the creamy hue, creates a captivating contrast that enhances the dark femininity of the set.

*All nail boxes contain a nail prep kit containing:
- Alcohol pad
- Nail tabs
- Nail glue
- Wooden stick
- Nail file