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About US

Welcome to Fleurytale, where every set of nails tells a unique and enchanting story, all thanks to the passionate owner and founder, Theresa Tran. Since high school, Theresa has demonstrated an unwavering passion for painting her own nails, using any free moment to practice different nail art designs and experiment with various techniques using normal polish. Despite being academically driven and maintaining a 3.9 GPA, Theresa has always known that her true calling lies in entrepreneurship and the world of fashion content creation.

Fashion has been a significant part of Theresa's life, allowing her to express her creativity and love for styling clothes and aesthetics. As a fashion content creator, she rediscovered her passion for nails and started exploring new options and styles. In April 2022, Theresa decided to switch over to Gel X, captivating her followers with her unique and captivating nail designs. The overwhelming support and encouragement from her community inspired her to embark on a journey to launch her own press-on nail business, turning her dream into a reality in 2023.

The path to success wasn't without its challenges. In April 2023, Theresa faced an unexpected obstacle when she noticed peculiar holes at the tips of her fingers. Concerned, she sought the expertise of a Dermatologist, fearing she might have a nail allergy due to uncured gel polish or exposure to gel on her skin. Fortunately, it wasn't an allergy, but she was diagnosed with dyshidrotic eczema. This experience strengthened her resolve to introduce a safer and more affordable alternative, ensuring others won't risk developing nail allergies by doing their nails themselves. Nail allergies can be dangerous to individuals, with some not being able to receive life-important surgeries.

Fleurytale is more than just a business to Theresa; it's a vision to help people express their individuality through their nails. Collaborating with talented nail technicians from around the world, each press-on nail set is meticulously crafted, transforming them into captivating works of art that bring out the inner artist in every individual. Fleurytale's handmade press-on nails effortlessly blend light feminine style with the allure of 'fatale,' symbolizing the delicate beauty of flowers ('Fleur' in French) alongside irresistible allure.

The name Fleurytale is not just a play on words; it embodies the harmonious fusion of light and dark femininity, much like a fairytale that captivates and enchants its readers. Each set of press-on nails becomes a canvas for a unique story, waiting to be expressed on your fingertips.

The mission at Fleurytale is to provide a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional nail salons. Waiting for hours to get your nails done is a thing of the past; Fleurytale's press-on nails offer a quick and easy solution without compromising on quality. Every set is lovingly handmade, ensuring they are not only stunning but also durable and long-lasting.

Theresa is filled with excitement as she embarks on this journey with all of you. Whether you are a seasoned nail enthusiast or someone looking to explore the world of nail art, Fleurytale is here to help you cultivate your unique style and express your individuality with confidence.

Be a part of this magical tale by exploring our collection, where each set is designed with love and a touch of enchantment. Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions; customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority at Fleurytale.

Let your nails tell your unique story at Fleurytale, where every set is a new chapter, waiting for you to create your own fairytale.

With love and creativity,
Theresa Tran Founder