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Cosmic Illusion


Introducing "Cosmic Illusion," our celestial nail set that takes you on a journey through the enchanting wonders of space. Get ready to be mesmerized by the cosmic allure of deep purple hues, shimmering glitter, and captivating charms inspired by Saturn and the mysteries of the universe.

"Cosmic Illusion" showcase the ethereal beauty of space, with a rich and alluring purple as the backdrop. The addition of shimmery purple glitter creates a mesmerizing sparkle, reminiscent of distant stars twinkling in the night sky. The charming pearl Saturn charm adds a touch of cosmic elegance, while the purple crystal charms symbolize the magic of distant galaxies. Whether you're stargazing with friends or simply seeking a cosmic-inspired look, the "Cosmic Constellations" nails are perfect for those who wish to embrace the enchantment of space and showcase their celestial style.

*All nail boxes contain a nail prep kit containing:
- Alcohol pad
- Nail tabs
- Nail glue
- Wooden stick
- Nail file